Satyasys Achievements

  1. First IT Service company to issue cryptocurrency backed by real thing, our ITS token can be used to avail 1 minute of IT service from Satyasys.
  2. First company to conduct successful clinical trial in patient analytics domain. We have got a patented and working system which can flag prescription based on rest results and patient symptoms.
  3. Conceptualized, designed and developed the viral “PocketCops” application, which can warn mobile phone users in real time, if his/her phone gets pick pocketed or falls down without notice.
  4. First company to cater to non metro cities with “Lastmile Cabs”, where other cabs stop, we pick up passengers and drop them at door step
  5. We are proving online tuition in all subject including computer science to 100+ students using Smart board technology over video conferencing
  6. All employees, interns, contract workers get chance to work on cutting edge technologies, Cloud, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Android, Java, Python, Security testing.
  7. All employees, interns, contract workers got Hall of fame from IT giants like Google, Mastercard, Fiat, Atlassian, Netflix, Magicleap, Kickex, etc.
  8. All employees, interns, contract workers get chance to work in real life projects solving real problems.

What are you waiting for, get connected, we will not disappoint you.

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