Who We Are

Breaking news: Satyasys got featured in Apple's Hall of fame. Get yourself trained in security testing from the best experts in the industry. Contact us now.

Here are our achievements:
  1. We have developed viral mobile applications like Pocket Cops, Patient Analytics, Therapeutic Guidelines, etc. application using "machine learning" and "artificial intelligence" techniques. The application can prevent mobile theft in developing countries and mobile loss in developed countries.

  2. We have developed Satya Pharmacy application to help customer order medicine online and get delivery within 4 hours.

  3. We have started Satya Tuition venture for providing online tuition, android, java, spring boot, security testing, application testing, etc. training.

  4. SatyaSys became the first IT services company in the world to adapt blockchain by releasing ITS Token, each token can be used for availing 1 minute of IT services from SatyaSys.

  5. We found critical security vulnerabilities in 10+ Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Magicleap, 1password, ABN Amro, Mastercard, Realself, Simple, Outscale, Olacabs, etc.

  1. We have developed "Medical Tests Analytics" software. The program can flag redundant tests recommended by doctors. This product will save billions of dollars for health insurance companies across the world.

  2. We found security vulnerabilities in ABN Amro Bank, Netherlands. Our efforts were appreciated by the bank's security team.

  3. We are helping companies cut cost of IT outsourcing without compromising quality. Please give us a try and help us to disrupt the IT service industry.

Solving unemployability of computer science students

One of the major reason, computer science/electronics students remain unemployable, is lack of experience in real life software projects. Many of us are forced to do same boiler plate school, college, banking, shopping applications as final year project, which hardly adds any value to the resume. IT industry moved far ahead of this. If everybody scores 65% and works on boiler plate applications, it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself and get hired. We at SatyaSys are providing opportunities to work on cutting edge web application(micro service, web services etc.), viral mobile application, blockchain applications and breaking software. Upon successful completion of training, our company will absorb around 10% of the interns in our company. Certificate of completion will be issued to all trainees other companies will be able to verify the certificate online. You will no longer remain a fresher but a IT professional with few months experience.

For first batch, we have kept the training fees to nominal 6000 per month. Training can be availed for 3 months or 6 months. We are looking for passionate and hard working engineers to work on our projects. Delivering real life software project can be compared to that of climbing a high hill. This needs passionate, sincere and persistent effort from the software engineers.


  • Please prepare yourself for java spring-boot or Node.js or Android or solidity programming and pivotal cloud foundry. Some knowledge of GIT, Jenkins will be preferred.
Eligibility: You must be a good programmer with a positive attitude.


  • Please prepare yourself for web application testing or mobile application testing or test automation(e.g. selenium, etc.) and OWASP 10.
Eligibility: You must have a knack of breaking things

For Java programmers

  • You will team up with few programmers/interns and enhance the existing project.

For mobile application programers

  • You will team up with few interns and build innovative mobile applications, it will be deployed in Google Play, etc.

For Testing enthusaists

  • You will test various popular software and identify critical defects, vulnerabilities.

For blockchain enthuasist

  • You will team up with few programmers/interns and build block chain application. The smart contract may be published in ethereum block chain.

Website development

  • You will team up with few programmers/interns and build micro services and deploy in pivotal cloud fo undry.

For others

  • Personal interview will be conducted and java/android/testing training for 6 weeks will be conducted.


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